Reinvigorate Your Post-Summer Skin

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What is happening in the skin and why? 

Flushing, redness or more responsive than usual

What did you do over summer? Did it involve parties, wining and dining, leaving less time for healthy meal preparation? A higher intake of caffeine, alcohol and processed food can result in lower B vitamins available. How this can represent changes in the skin include redness around the nose and mouth, more flushing, more irritable skin and even cracks in the corners of the mouth.

Or maybe you were a water baby and spent your days in the pool or constantly in and out of the ocean. If this is you then it’s possible the protective barrier on the skin may have become slightly impaired, meaning your skin will be much more reactive and can also be more prone to dehydration.

Blotchy and uneven

So you wore your SPF on those days that you went to the beach, but did you remember to apply a broad spectrum SPF 50+ to your skin every single morning? Most skin damage is actually done via incidental exposure from everyday activities. That uneven blotchy appearance your skin may have taken on is due to trauma caused to your skin cells when exposed to UV light. In an effort to protect itself from the harmful UV rays our pigment producing cells manufacture more pigment then deposit this pigment in local areas in the skin.

Dry and oily patches of skin (more so than usual)

This could mean your skin is a little more dehydrated than usual, especially if you have been blasting the air conditioning over the summer months.
Other causes of skin dehydration include: sun damage, the environment, poor cleansing or inadequate moisturisers.
Signs that can indicate your skin is dehydrated is a tight, shiny appearance to the skin, superficial lines or even a slight scaly look.

How to rebalance and reinvigorate

Flushing, redness or more responsive than usual

Reduce redness and flushing by loading the skin up with topical B group vitamins. Skinstitut Multi-Active Mist delivers Vitamin B3 to the skin and increases hydration. This component also helps to strengthen a slightly damaged skin barrier. So give the skin a few spritzes each morning and night when you step out of the shower to help brighten and refresh your complexion.

For the water babies, keep in mind that you may need to replace the natural barrier on your skin after extended times in the pool. Repair Balm will be your life saver in this instance as it helps to strengthen, repair, soothe and protect vulnerable skin. Simply add a small amount to your moisturiser after cleansing.

Blotchy and uneven

To work on evening out a blotchy complexion be sure to apply a high quality broad spectrum SPF 50+ to the skin each day. Age Defence SPF 50+ should become your new best friend, not only does it protect from the harmful effects of the sun, but it can also double as your day time moisturiser with Vitamin B3 and antioxidants working to hydrate your skin and prevent from premature ageing.

To target and rebalance our pigment cells so they do not continue to produce too much pigment it’s important to attend to this each day for best results. Even Blend Serum should be applied to clean dry skin each morning and night and will assist to lighten and brighten the complexion, reducing pigmentation while also helping to minimise any future damage.

Remember to always wear a hat when outdoors also, even on cloudy days (this is often when we have our guard down and skin damage occurs).

Dry and oily patches of skin (more so than usual)

Be aware of your environment and try to limit time in air-conditioning where possible, soon the months will start to cool so try and rely on fresh air for ventilation.
To resurrect dull, dehydrated and lacklustre skin perform a mask twice per week with Hydrating Mask. This will also deliver B vitamins to the skin (B5) plus it works to nourish and repair damage caused by dehydration to improve skin luminosity and radiance.
So be sure to follow our hints on how to reinvigorate your post-summer skin, with these few simple tips we will have you looking and feeling ready for any special occasion that may be coming your way.


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