Reinvigorate Your Post-Summer Skin

What is happening in the skin and why?  Flushing, redness or more responsive than usual What did you do over summer? Did it involve parties, wining and dining, leaving less time for healthy meal preparation? A higher intake of caffeine, alcohol and processed food can result in lower B vitamins available. How this can represent…

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Skin and Hair Tips

Need a soothing micro exfoliant that will hydrate your skin as well as gently exfoliate? Enyzmatic Micro Peel to the rescue. Simply squeeze a pea size amount of Enzymatic onto your face after cleansing (be sure to massage for 1 to 2 minutes). Then leave on for 5 to 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly with…

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Hair Facts & Tips

Hair Facts & Tips Salon products are better… professional products use gentler cleansers, they are also more concentrated, and have higher levels of ingredients to produce truer results. When brushing hair, always start from the bottom and gently work your way up. This removes tangle without breaking. Hair is at its weakest point when wet.…

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