Are you ready to take your flawless, radiant skin to the next level? If you’ve been wanting to experience the ultimate results in skin rejuvenation and regeneration then look no further than a chemical skin peel!

At H’s Place, we love offering this treatment to all our VIP clients as it truly gives you stand out results! We use Skinstitut for all our chemical peels because we want you to experience the best results in the safest and most effective way. And of course, we only have our highly skilled and trained skin peel technicians conducting all services.

So, what is a chemical peeling?

Sounds intense but it’s actually just an accelerated exfoliation of the skin done by using a chemical agent such as glycolic, lactic, salycilic or mandelic acid.  Our Skinstitut peels are made from a variety of potent cosmedical skincare ingredients such as botanical vitamin A, natural fruit acids and enzymes.

Chemical skin peels work by applying a safe chemical solution to your skin’s surface causing your dead skin cells to shrivel up and flake off. Your new, regenerated skin is revealed and your results are smoother and younger looking skin.

You can choose the depth and results of your peel to target different skin concerns which can be decided during your one on one consultation. The different levels of chemical peels are determined by the strength of the chemical agents used, the type of active ingredients incorporated into the peel and your skin type.

A lighter more superficial peeling treatment focuses on the outer layers of your skin, resulting in a few layers of skin peeling to reveal new, untouched skin. The superficial treatment delivers results such as a reduction or disappearance of sun damage, pigmentation, acne lesions, fine lines and wrinkles.

You can also have a moderate to more deeper peel which targets the outer top layers of your skin as well as targeting the lower layers of the skin. These more intense peels address your surface skin concerns as well as inflammation and regeneration of the lower layers of your skin.

Regardless of the skin concerns or conditions you desire to treat, this chemical skin peel treatment has the ability to have you feeling confident in your own skin in a very short time! If you’re ready to experience this VIP exclusive service, book in for a free consultation today!

What Can It Treat?

Our Skinstitut Chemical Skin Peels are always customised to address your specific concerns and are a perfect treatment for skin concerns and conditions such as:

  • Ageing Skin
  • Fine Lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Pigmentation
  • Acne (including blackheads and whiteheads)
  • Breakouts
  • Dry / dehydrated skins
  • Congested Skins

Types of Skinstitut Chemical Peels

AHA Enzyme Peel: A gentle micro exfoliating treatment designed to soothe, hydrate and micro exfoliate your dry, flaking and sensitive skin. It is recommended weekly - fortnightly for a series of 6 treatments.

Peel Accelerator: A safe vitamin, antioxidant and hydroxy acid peel to renew, brighten and smooth your skin. It is recommended as a fortnightly treatment for a series of 6 treatments

(add 100% Vitamin C infusion $20)

Ageless Peel: A double peel that rebuilds from the inside out. The Vitamin A we use, rejuvenates aged & environmentally damaged skin so that it returns back to it’s original youthful condition. Results can be felt immediately, however it is recommended as a monthly treatment for a series of 6 treatments.

Purple Peel: Our most advanced deepest working peel using a combination of all four acids it targets acne, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, lifting up to 7 layers of dead skin away revealing new strong and healthy skin cells. sessions should be every 6 weeks for a series of 3-6 treatments.

How much downtime is there?

Your downtime depends on the type of peel used, the condition of your skin, medication taken as well as your general health and well-being. You are likely to experience redness and inflammation with mild to moderate peeling and this can last from 1 – 5 days, post peel. The stronger the peel, the more intense the redness, peeling and downtime.

It’s also important that you know that there are certain medications and health issues that mean having a chemical skin peel would not be suitable as it may interfere with your medication, or it may increase your chances of side effects. It’s always good to check with your operator first and consult your doctor if you’re concerned.

How many treatments will I need?

A skincare consultation is essential prior to your chemical peel to determine the most suitable type of peel for you and the recommended frequency of treatment.

Do I need to use special products at home?

For our Peel Accelerator, Ageless and Purple Peels, it is essential to thoroughly prepare your skin at home by using Skinstitut's Even blend serum and glycolic cleanser every day for 2 weeks prior to your peel. Skinstitut's Gentle Cleanser, Glycolic scrub, even blend serum, Moisture defence and SPF50+ products are recommended to use at home to maximise your skincare results and minimise any adverse reactions you may experience pre and post peel.

How do I know which peel is best for me?

There are a variety of different peels available, some more intense than others. The choice of peel depends on your specific skin concern and the quality of your skin. Our qualified Skinstitut expert will advise you as to which peel is the most appropriate for you.

Who can not have Peels?

  • Clients currently using Accutane (you must be 6-12 months post use)
  • Active Eczema
  • Inflamed Psoriasis
  • Currently using retinoic acid (must be at least 4 days post use)
  • Waxing Hair Dye (must be 7 days post waxing/hair session)
  • IPL Laser SHR E-light (must be 2 weeks post last session)
  • Facial surgery (must be done 4 weeks pre surgery or 3 months post surgery)
  • Pregnancy
  • History of hyperpigmentation or skin scarring
  • Fitzpatrick skin type IV-VI
  • Client with facial warts
  • Aspirin allergy

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