Ready for tighter, firmer, smoother looking skin? Hold onto your seats, things are about to get really exciting here at H’s Place!! Introducing our RF Skin Tightening treatment!

No more saggy, loose skin - only lifted and firm skin here! PLUS, no surgery necessary! Are you as excited as we are? You’ll have people guessing you’re 10 years younger in no time!

RF Skin tightening treatments use an advanced technology that heats your skin from within, causing your collagen fibres to contract and produce immediate skin tightening and noticeably improved skin tone and texture. Hello tightening, lifting and wrinkle reduction!

Weekly sessions over a series of 6 to 10 treatments, depending on your age and skin condition, you will see your skin will restore itself and produce brand new collagen fibres, giving you that youthful radiance. Have you picked up the phone yet?


  • Tightening of the skin across your face
  • Tightening the skin around your jowls and neck
  • A noticeable difference in your skin tone
  • Smoothing of your skin
  • Minimise your fine lines and/or wrinkles
  • Stimulates your natural collagen production for lasting results
  • Gives you a youthful and fresh look
  • Provides you with new collagen production

Non-Surgical Facelift

Finally! A way to get lasting results WITHOUT having to go under the knife and pay tens of thousands of dollars! Our RF Skin Tightening treatment targets saggy skin to improve the tightness and smoothness of the loose skin on your face, and delivers the best results for those who have mild to moderate sagging. Our targeted treatment areas are the forehead to lift your brows and tighten your forehead skin, under the eyes to thicken your skin while tightening and lifting your upper cheek skin, the cheek area to create a slight lift and diminish any enlarged pores, and then there’s mid-face and jaw line areas to diminish any jowling and sagging. At H’s Place, we recommend 6 to 10 treatments at weekly intervals to benefit maximum collagen production and best results. This treatment is also suitable for all skin colours! Book in for your consultation today and experience the new you!

RF Non Surgical Eye Lift

This incredible treatment has the same stand out results as the face lift only it focuses on your eye area. Using only the best technology our trained therapists will be lifting brows, eliminating frown lines and smoothing out those crows feet! Show off that twinkle in your eye with skin that compliments how young you FEEL! In just 15 minutes can you can feel an instant tightening and fullness around your eyes. Perfect for any skin type, this treatment is ideal for those with mild to moderate sagging. With the RF Skin Tightening Eye Lift we target your forehead to lift your brows and tighten your forehead skin and we target under your eyes to thicken your skin while tightening and lifting the upper cheek skin. Book in and be amazed!

Jaw & Neck Lift

Say hello to jaw definition and a sleek and elegant neck. In just under 30 minutes you can feel an instant tightening and fullness around your neck and jaw. Experience an ageless look with our RF Skin Tightening treatments that deliver tightness and smoothness around your jaw and neck, diminishing jowling and sagging. This treatment is suitable for all skin colours and generates the best results for those with mild to moderate sagging. Come and immerse yourself in the VIP experience and fall in love with the skin you’re in all over again!


Who can not have Radio Frequency?

  • Clients who suffer from cardiac and vascular diseases
  • Clients with Pacemakers
  • Clients with autoimmune disorders
  • Clients taking photosensitising medications
  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding

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