Have you been thinking about saving time and wondering where you can cut corners?

At H’s Place, we have the perfect solution. Cosmetic tattooing. Or Permanent Makeup. Or Micropigmentation. Whatever you call it, the outcome is the same. You get to wake up looking gorgeous every single day, without having to lift a finger! SO EASY!

Using a medically approved and completely safe, state-of-the-art technique to apply natural pigments into the dermal layer of your skin, you will be able to sleep, swim, perspire, wash your face, and even cry all while looking fabulous.

All cosmetic tattooing lasts 2 to 3 years and guaranteed to give you your valuable time back to do the things you love!



Who wants eyebrows for days?! Thought you did!! With 4 different techniques to choose from you are guaranteed the perfect look and result for your      face shape, skin type and personal preference! All you need to do is discuss your best options with Lisa, our magic cosmetic tattooist, in your private one on one consultation at H's Place!​

​Microblading/feather – ​A very natural ​look that ​replicates soft hairstrokes. Designed for a subtle appearance this is not for clients who powder or fill in their brows every day. (​If you have oily skin, this technique ​is not recommended as it ​won't work on your skin type​.​)​

Powder – ​Is for the girl who never leaves the house with her brows on! If filling in your brows every morning is a normal part of your daily makeup routine then you will ADORE this powder effect technique!

Ombre/Mist (A​ favourite) – For the girl who wants it ALL! T​he Ombre effect is created by using two different brow techniques​ with parts of the brow being lighter than the other (the word Ombre ​originating from France meaning shaded or shading)​. It is more natural looking than solid colour and is THE latest ​trend​ in eyebrow semi-permanent make up. ​If you want to feel glamorous and say fancy French words like 'Ombre', this technique is for you!​

​Combination – ​If you like a little of this and a little of that then be sure to speak with Lisa to achieve the perfect combination of hairstrokes and shading for your desired look.​


Want your eyes to stand out and have instantly thicker lashes? Say hello to having your eyes cosmetically tattooed!

Our VIPs are loving this service because by applying a soft, natural line between lashes, your eyes are instantly defined and your lashes look thicker! We can even add a variety of colours to shade your liner or create that smokey eyed look. And for that woman who wants it all, we can do a more defined line for that dramatic look, perfect for those who can’t leave the house without their eyeliner on!

If that wasn’t enough, by using colours to match your colouring, you can have the natural undertones of your eyes pop, opening and brightening the eye area! There are so many colours to choose from and at H’s Place, we always create a colour palette to suit your unique looks and colouring.


Fuller, defined lips? Check. Bleeding lipstick eliminated? Check. Facial lines around the mouth camouflaged? Check.

It’s really that simple! By adding natural colour pigment implants where they are needed, you get to have perfect, kissable lips - all the time!

This service is ideal for those who want to reverse thin, uneven or unsymmetrical lips! We work with you to achieve your desired size, shape, fullness and definition by creating the perfect contour and colour for you.

Areola Correction, Camouflage & Creation

A specialised service that really allows women to feel beautiful all over, areola tattooing is super simple and super fast!

Our highly skilled technicians offer a personalised and relaxing consultation where we discuss and prepare the perfect pigment to match your skin tone.

Whether you are matching a new nipple and areola to your existing breast or you are just having your nipple tattooed, you can rest assured that you will walk away from your consultation feeling 100% confident.

And if you are having nipple tattooing alone, with no nipple reconstruction, we recommend asking your technician for a three dimensional appearance!

(Please note that getting the right shade of colour may require more than one tattoo procedure.)


While both forms of tattooing are a unique reflection of you, ultimately, the difference

comes down to the placement of the pigment, the type of pigment used and the machine itself.

Traditional tattooing is a permanent artistic statement while cosmetic tattooing is a semi permanent enhancement which involves natural pigments placed more superficially in the layers of the skin to create a softer, more natural appearance.

Cosmetic tattooing, also referred to as permanent makeup, is designed to last anywhere from 2 to 3 years before it fades and needs reapplication, at which point, our VIP clients book in for their touch ups.


  • Perfect time saver for the busy woman
  • No more lipstick bleeding
  • Correction of minimal to no natural lip pigment line (commonly lost through sun damage, or having pale lips)
  • No more allergic reactions or sensitivities to conventional makeup
  • Look great, 24/7 - regardless of how active you are
  • Cure your alopecia woes, you CAN have eyebrows and eyelashes
  • Applying makeup while being motor impaired has just gotten easy
  • Ideal for those who wear glasses or contact lenses - no more making out with your reflection or banging your brushes against your mirror
  • Correction of asymmetrical facial features
  • Re-define facial features after accidents or strokes (post injury/surgery)
  • Reducing visibility of scars
  • People that simply want to look and feel their best at all times



Lisa Millington is our very own, established Cosmetic and Medical Tattooist.

A certified trainer and former President of the Association of Cosmetic Tattoo Inc, Lisa brings with her extensive experience in natural semi-permanent makeup, facial morphology, paramedical cosmetics, colour therapy, colour analysis and more!

Lisa brings a passion for her industry to H’s Place and a skill set and ability that is second to none! Always committed to delivering the most exceptional experience and results to our VIP clients, Lisa is constantly upgrading her knowledge, training and techniques.

While being one of Melbourne’s most sought after cosmetic tattooist, Lisa also makes time to work with breast cancer survivors, performing areola tattooing for patients as a way to help repair their emotional well-being and build back their confidence as a woman.

We are so honoured and excited to have her on our team and we know you’ll love her as much as we do!

Book your free consultation with Lisa today and feel permanently beautiful tomorrow!


At H’s Place, we love making our VIPs feel comfortable while our gentle and highly skilled therapists wax away your unwanted hair. Our waxing services are available for men and women because we believe that no one should have to deal with the frustration of unwanted hair.

Using only the finest of waxes selected for their superior qualities and gentleness on your skin, you are going to start looking forward to your next appointment.

When you have your waxing done at H’s Place you are always made to feel comfortable and at ease. We take pride in creating an environment that allows you to relax and trust that we take every precaution to maintain the utmost level of hygiene and cleanliness.

SECRET WOMEN’S BUSINESS (to go under the pricing table)

Ok, so we totally understand that waxing certain parts of your body can sometimes make you feel embarrassed. That’s why we wanted to make a special note to let you know that there’s nothing to worry about.

All our therapists are incredibly lovely, talented and skilled. They’re also personable and will make you feel at ease.

At H’s Place we average over 25 cheeky bikini and Brazilians every week - so you can feel confident that we know what we’re doing and we really take the time and care to make you feel comfortable. That’s why our waxing clients keep coming back!

Don’t get stuck at home in awkward, uncomfortable positions enduring unnecessary pain, book in at H’s Place for that VIP luxurious waxing treatment.

Yes, we are more than happy to get creative and do different patterns and designs just for you!


Want to look flawless and feel like a glamorous superstar?

Book in with our incredibly talented makeup team to have your makeup done.

Whether you need your makeup done for weddings, special events, formals, or a fancy night out, we will create the image of perfection and tailor all our techniques to suit your face shape, features and colouring. Rest assured, we will always take the time to discuss the look you are after and make sure the colours we use match your outfit (or even your eyes).

From natural to dramatic, and everything in-between, we’ve got you covered! So book in, relax and have fun!

A special note for the beautiful bride to be: We know how special and important this day is for you. We also know that it can be incredibly stressful and sometimes even chaotic.

That’s why at H’s Place, we make sure to create a calm and fun atmosphere so that you and your bridal party can enjoy the start of a magical day! We’ll have you looking deliciously gorgeous before you can say, ‘Where’s the Limo?’

We are so pleased to let you know that you are welcome to bring your party in salon OR we will happily drive to your preferred location! Just call our friendly team today to discuss all your options.

Service Menu:

Special Occasion Application: Look and feel great for that special event with professionally applied makeup to suit your personal taste and designed to last all day and night.

1:1 Makeup Lesson:  Learn the art of applying makeup on yourself and get some top industry tips and tricks! We’ll create and teach you how to apply the perfect look to enhance your natural features and give you a customized face chart to take home so you can continue to recreate the look at home! This session includes  a personalised skin care consultation to ensure you have healthy and glowing skin for a flawless look. You can even bring your own makeup bag to your session and we can go through it together. Plus get 20% off new makeup purchases during your visit (70 min).

Bridal Parties:  Hair and Makeup services available to all bridal parties! Please call the salon and book in a consultation today. Sunday wedding bookings are also available -  by appointment only. And yes, we can travel to you if required.



Voted number 1 for perfect spray tans in Melton, H’s Place is here to support your desire of sexy bronzed skin - without the unnecessary sun damage.

Want to be a golden, glowing Goddess, an image of bronzed perfection? Look and feel magical in your skin, whether it’s to look healthy and lush or disguise any unwanted stretch marks or cellulite. All this can be yours at H’s Place!

When you book in for our VIP sunless tanning services you are guaranteed a fun and relaxed experience with our down to earth and professional team! We have a variety of solutions, techniques and colours and you will always come away from your tanning service with perfect results!

Some of our most popular tanning services and colours include:

Mocha Xpress: Infused with all natural active and organic ingredients, the Mocha Xpress is the perfect solution for those who want to go from pale to mocha in as little as 30 minutes!!! Want to be even darker, leave the tanning solution on longer and be amazed with the rapid results!!

Caribbean Gold: Infused with all natural active and organic ingredients, Carribean Gold leaves you with a soft, gentle glow that makes your skin look like it’s been kissed by the sun. With its gentle approach to warming your skin tone, it’s a natural look that can be achieved in as little as 2 hours, lasting 5 to 10 days.

Caribbean Chocolat: Infused with all natural active and organic ingredients, Carribean Chocolat is perfect for those who want a deeper colour that makes your skin look like it’s been painted a golden bronze. With its gentle approach to warming your skin tone, it’s a sunbathed look that can be achieved in as little as 3 hours, lasting 5 to 10 days and without the damaging rays of long term sun tanning.

Competition Tan: Whether you’re an amatuer or professional body competitor, this solution is specifically designed the get you the perfect darkness and shine to have you competition ready in no time! Infused with all natural active and organic ingredients, our VIP dancers and bodybuilding competitors are loving our competition tanning solutions as it allows them to achieve their winning colours without the nasty chemicals that produce an unnatural colour. Developing time depends on the colour and finish you desire.

Our spray tanning services are so popular that we are often booked out weeks in advance! So experience the magic for yourself and get in quick!




Have you heard about the beauty craze that is EYELASH EXTENSIONS? At H’s Place we love all things beauty and we especially love providing our VIP clients with lash extensions!

Frame your eyes with long, thick, luscious lashes that make your eyes POP with or without makeup.

If you’ve tried every mascara under the sun to re-create that false lash effect and found that nothing does the job, then allow us to introduce you to your new best friend. Say goodbye to panda eyes, smudges, fall out, multiple coat applications, clumpy mascara and endless cleaning.

Whether you want a more natural every day look or you want that all or nothing seductress look, our lash technicians will have you feeling glamorous in no time.

You can have volume, length or both added to your natural lashes with the use of our top of the range synthetic or mink eyelashes (offered in 2D to 8D sizes).

For a more natural approach, our experienced lash technicians apply single strands to each individual natural lash and customise the lengths to achieve your desired look and suit your eye shape.

For that more volumized and dramatic look, we actually create a fan by sticking multiple single strands together and applying each fan to each individual natural lash. Why, hello there glamazon...

Are you ready to book in for your VIP experience yet?!

We want you to know that the health of your natural lashes is super important to us and we take every care and precaution in maintaining the integrity of your natural lashes as well as providing you with aftercare advice to have long lasting extensions.

Go on girl, flutter those bad boys!

(Please note that having lash extensions can become extremely addictive, we promise!)


Want to experience longer, lifted, more curved lashes - without extensions? You can! Introducing lash lifts! Have your eyes do all the talking when you have our lash lift treatment at H’s Place!

Our VIPs are LOVING the lash lift! Taking only 20 minutes, our lash technician uses silicone rods or pads for a more gentle approach to having lifted lashes that last up to 12 weeks!!! Lifting from the base of your lashes, your eyes will appear bigger, brighter, and more open.

Our much loved lash lift treatment is filled with nourishing and conditioning nutrients to protect your lashes and help them grow stronger than ever before! It’s perfect for long AND short lashes with the flexibility to give you a straight or curled finish.

Lash lifts are super quick and easy and require no down time at all! You can even shower and swim with no threat of undoing the magic that is our Lash Lift! Give your mascara a bit of breathing room as you enjoy naturally longer looking lashes. Book in for your VIP lash lift experience today!



Eyebrows are one of the most important features to enhance on the face. Why? Because it frames your eyes while adding depth and character to your face, making you look and feel more beautifully unique.

If your brows are patchy, have scars, baby fine hair or even grey or white hair, achieving that strong and defined brow can almost feel impossible! Especially if you haven’t got the perfect brow shape to suit your face!

At H’s Place our extremely talented beauty therapists are using the most amazing Russian Henna to redesign and redefine the perfect brows for our VIP clients! Say goodbye to brow fillers and colouring outside the line and say hello to the easiest and most pain free way of having perfect brows 24/7.

Henna brows is also perfect for those considering cosmetic tattooing and wanting to play around with different shapes and sizes.

So why is everyone going crazy for Henna? Well, it’s 99.5% natural with no ammonia or peroxides, which means it actually encourages new hair growth while conditioning the hairs you already have so that they appear more healthy and shiney! It lasts up to 14 days on the skin, 4-6 weeks on the hair, and comes in various earthy colours (with grey and white coverage) to suit everyone!


Are you ready for your VIP Henna Brow experience?! Book in today!




If you want something simple and easy to enhance what you’ve already got or add a depth of colour to lighter coloured hair, then our tinting services were made for you!

Our professional beauty therapists will customise the colour to suit your needs and colouring, and within minutes you will have subtle but noticeable colouring that will last you 3 to 4 weeks!

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