Specialists in Advanced Balayage, Ombre, Colour Melting and Pastel colours. Let’s face it; there are so many different techniques, blonde shades and tones to choose from. Sometimes it is so hard to pick the best one for you. It can also be a challenge in explaining what you actually want to achieve. So relax you’re in safe hands.

Before we transform your amazing new hair colour. We will use our up to date knowledge in our consultation process. Which is based on your skin tone, hair type and maintenance wishes. It can be as natural or as bold as you like. Our promise to you is that you will only ever get honesty and professionalism about how to achieve your dream hair. It may take a few appointments to get there, so trust that we have your hairs best interest at heart. Let's face it; no one wants fairy floss for hair.

Your hair condition is our number one priority. We will work with you so you will have a customised plan just for YOU. If you’re like us, we're sure you have tons of pictures of what you want. We love that, so bring them along. We will have a look together so we are able to give you our best professional advice. We believe everyone has the right to beautiful, healthy and shiny hair. There is nothing worse than leaving the salon and not knowing how to maintain your colour and style at home. So you will also get our professional advice on the best products to use. So you can maintain your stunning new colour and style at home. This way you will always have salon quality hair. Did we mention our guarantee if you not happy we will do it for free within 7 days. That's how confident we are about our service.

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Below is a list of some of the techniques our colourist will discuss with you.

  • Foiling/ babylights/ micro/ scatterings
  • Flash lights -Color Panels
  • Global- All over haircolor
  • Gloss Colour Enhancing Shine
  • Ombre- Dark to light
  • Colour melting
  • Balayage/ Freehand Painting
  • Blending Grey's gracefully
  • Multi tonal Movement
  • Root Stretch for a regrowth look
Book your FREE professional consultation now!!!

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