Do you want Longer, Thicker Hair? Do you want added color without damaging your own hair? Well why not get TAPE Hair Extensions!!!

We do hair extensions daily because of our cost effective price and damage free technique. Some of our clients have told us that there real hair was even healthier after there extensions were removed & best of all it only takes 30 minutes!

We pride ourselves on quality so you know our Tape Extensions are just that – premium, long lasting, real hair and beautifully blending.

Our Extensions won’t damage your hair. With us, you can go from gorgeous to glamorous in 30 minutes!

100% Real natural hair extensions come in an amazing range of colours to match your existing hair. Unlike other extension systems, our system will not damage your hair.

There are no restrictions due to the fact it is genuine human hair being used so you can cut, colour, style and treat it like your own hair.

You can curl, straighten or blow dry your hair the same way you always have, and use products the same way you would with your natural hair. Our hair extensions are easy to look after, are natural looking and are great value and they are reusable.Service your Extensions every 6-8 weeks. Your Extensions will get a full service and blow dry to keep you looking the way you should – simply gorgeous!

We have 18 inch to 24 inch hair extensions so call in today and get your hair sorted out with us.

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