Voted number 1 for perfect spray tans in Melton, H’s Place is here to support your desire of sexy bronzed skin - without the unnecessary sun damage.

Want to be a golden, glowing Goddess, an image of bronzed perfection? Look and feel magical in your skin, whether it’s to look healthy and lush or disguise any unwanted stretch marks or cellulite. All this can be yours at H’s Place!

When you book in for a sunless tanning services you are guaranteed a fun and relaxed experience with our down to earth and professional team! We have the best tan solutions, techniques and colours and you will always come away from your tanning service with perfect results!

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Introducing.... MultiBase Colour Technology.

After a light tan? Want a super dark tan? Short on time? MultiBase Spray Tan Solution offers it all.

From a light sun kissed glow right up to ultra dark, you can achieve your perfect shade using MultiBase Solution. Simply leave it on as long as needed for the desired colour depth. Rinse times start from as little as one hour for a light tan. For a medium shade two hours is enough. For those who like a dark tan, leave on for three hours before rinsing. If you’re a little tan obsessed and love an ultra dark colour, you can sleep in it!

Other features you’ll love: Sophisticated scent. Mist free. Flash dry formula. Matte finish. Skin conditioning. Extended wear. Even fade.

We still have tuscan renowned Original!

Original spray tan adapts to any skin type, and any depth of colour can be achieved using this solution, from a light sun-kissed glow to a rich dark tan.

8 hour development or overnight.

Other features you’ll love:

The spray tan dries immediately on application to a non-sticky finish, and once developed, the tan is completely odourless and lasts seven or more days before gradually and evenly fading to further enhance the impression of an all natural sun tan.

Spray tan prep and maintenance is vital to ensure your spray on tan applies flawlessly, maintains colour integrity, and fades evenly

Follow H’s Place simple steps below for perfect tanning.


Shower + hair removal + exfoliate to remove old tan.

Cleanse with a PH body wash to restore your skins pH levels.

Don’t apply deodorant, moisturiser or perfume before your appointment.

Take loose, dark clothing + thongs to wear after your spray tan appointment

SPRAY TAN AFTER CARE Avoid contact with water or activity causing perspiration during development.

Don’t apply moisturiser, perfume or deodorant until your tan has fully developed.


Leave the tan to develop for desired colour depth.

Light: 1 hour Medium: 2 hours Dark: 3 hours Overnight: Ultra Dark.

1st shower: Rinse for 30 seconds / no skin wash. Pat dry. No moisturiser after.

2nd shower next day: Cleanse using a Tan Toner Skin Wash. Pat dry and moisturise.

After your second shower moisturise daily using a HydraBase Body or Tinted Tan Extender.


Leave the tan to develop for 8 hours before showering.

Use a Tan Toner Skin Wash to cleanse. Pat dry.

Moisturise daily using a HydraBase Body or Tinted Tan Extender.

Our spray tanning services are so popular that we are often booked out weeks in advance! So experience the magic for yourself and get in quick!


Want to look flawless and feel like a glamorous superstar?

Book in with our incredibly talented makeup team to have your makeup done.

Whether you need your makeup done for weddings, special events, formals, or a fancy night out, we will create the image of perfection and tailor all our techniques to suit your face shape, features and colouring. Rest assured, we will always take the time to discuss the look you are after and make sure the colours we use match your outfit (or even your eyes).

From natural to dramatic, and everything in-between, we’ve got you covered! So book in, relax and have fun!

A special note for the beautiful bride to be: We know how special and important this day is for you. We also know that it can be incredibly stressful and sometimes even chaotic.

That’s why at H’s Place, we make sure to create a calm and fun atmosphere so that you and your bridal party can enjoy the start of a magical day! We’ll have you looking deliciously gorgeous before you can say, ‘Where’s the Limo?’

We are so pleased to let you know that you are welcome to bring your party to the salon OR we will happily drive to your preferred location!

Just call our friendly team today to discuss all your options.

Sunday wedding bookings are also available - by appointment only. And yes, we can travel to you if required.